Friday, June 29, 2007

The Trip - Back in Cisco

We got back to Cisco last night around midnight, and these are all the states we've got on our map so far. When we left, we thought we'd get twice as many, but the engine had other ideas.

Roy finished getting the motorhome all put back together and running nicely yesterday afternoon. He was a real sweetheart, sending us a couple times into his backyard, next door to his shop, to pick as many peaches from his tree as we thought we could eat. We ate a lot, they were so good. He said he's going to miss us, and we're going to miss him too. If you ever break down near Monahans, Texas, be sure to take your vehicle to Roy's, because he'll treat you right.

We've seen everything there is to see in Odessa, except the Art Museum, which none of us was in the mood for. And we've seen everything in Monahans twice, except the museum that Roy and his helper said didn't have much and that we wouldn't really enjoy, so we skipped that too. We got to know the main road through town, where the grocery store was, and also McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Sonic Burger, and all the local food eateries. Plus we were able to find the park again, after having stumbled across it the first time. The locals seem to know the park by the name, "The One Downtown."

My sister's family is happy to have her back. Scooter is happy to be perched on the back of the loveseat, barking at the people who walk down the street. And my mom and I are still unloading and washing up from the West Texas trip, not thinking about the next trip just yet.

I have a term paper to finish writing for one of my classes, and it's due tomorrow, so that comes first. Then we start planning again.

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