Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Trip - Back on the Road

We spent last night in Tyler, Texas, at the same RV Park we stayed in on our last night of our Northeastern Loop in the fall. It's good to be at a familiar place, where my computer knows how to find the internet all by itself.

In Cisco, the scenery doesn't look so good right now. All the trees have lost their leaves, and the grass everywhere is brown for lack of rain. Not like last June, when that part of Texas set records for their rainfall.

As we drove east yesterday, toward Fort Worth and Dallas, the scenery didn't improve much. Mile after endless mile served up the same dead-looking sights for us to see. Brown grass. Dead sticks for trees. The only color we saw was the pale-green of the mistletoe clumps hanging in the mesquite branches. I started to despair for what the South would have to show us. Would this be all we'd get for photography bait?

But sometime after Dallas, as the road climbed slightly in altitude, we started seeing some pine trees. Not a lot, but enough to give us hope that maybe, just maybe, the drive will be worth our picture-taking while.

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