Monday, January 14, 2008

The Trip - Leaving Cisco - Really

We were supposed to leave Cisco today for The South. That was the plan. First, though, we had a little shopping to do and some motorhome-loading to finish.

Yesterday, after church, we went to my sister's for Sunday lunch, and we brought Scooter as usual. But we also brought his bed, food, and doggie treats. He had his bath Saturday night, and he's going to stay with my sister while we're gone (she appreciates that Scooter smells good again, even temporarily), because my mom doesn't want to leave him in a kennel while we're on the cruise. So Scooter stayed behind when we left after lunch and the Chargers game (Yay Chargers!).

But when I woke up this morning, I noticed I was getting a case of conjunctivitis. (I might call it by its common name, Pinkeye, except one time when I was in my early twenties and had it, some teenage girl in the women's restroom pointed at me like the creatures in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and said, "Pinkeye!" and I've been traumatized by that word ever since.) Unfortunately, my sulfa drops had run out, so I had to make an emergency trip to the new doctor in town, whose picture was just in the newspaper, to get a new prescription for eyedrops. Then we had to drive over to Eastland to Wal-Mart to get the prescription filled.

On our way back to town, my realtor called to say my house listing was expiring today and he needed to fax me the renewal form and have me sign it and fax it back. But my mom doesn't have a fax machine, so we asked at her bank when we stopped there, but they don't let anyone use it anymore, because too many people in town were using their fax machine and costing them a bundle of money for toner and stuff, so they had to put a stop to being nice about faxes. They recommended the post office or maybe the library, which is hardly ever open, but we could try it if the post office didn't have one.

The post office indeed had a fax I could use, so I got the number and called my realtor, who didn't answer, so I left a message, asked the clerk to hold the fax for me whenever it arrived until we came back to pick it up. Then we went home for some long-overdue lunch.

By the time the realtor called and we took care of the paperwork at the post office, it was 2:30, and we still needed to finish loading our stuff (mostly the food) into the motorhome. If we had left today, we would have made it to Fort Worth and Dallas right around rush hour. No thanks. We decided to wait.

So we've got the motorhome loaded, except for what we need for morning. We'll leave early enough to cover a bunch of miles and still avoid rush hour in the Metroplex.

But we both miss Scooter. It's tough opening the front door and not having his chubby little self run out to greet us with his tail wagging. We'll just have to soldier on without him...


Marvin said...

Scooter is doing a fine job of greeting me at the door.

SkyePuppy said...


I'm glad Scooter's taking such good care of you.