Wednesday, January 02, 2008

UN to Use Spiderman for Propaganda

WorldNetDaily reported tomorrow on the UN's latest quest to suck out the minds of our children.

The United Nations has confirmed reports it is working with Marvel Entertainment to enroll children in the U.N.'s campaign against "poverty, disease and conflict worldside."

The effort is being led by French filmmaker Romuald Sciora and is not the first time the U.N. has resorted to using a children's forum, such as comics, for its messages: during World War II Captain America was used to battle Hitler.

Sciora specifically said the project is to target school-aged children with the message of the United Nations.

"These comics, featuring favorite Marvel characters such as Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, will … tell the story of how the United Nations fights the challenges of poverty, disease, and conflict worldwide," the U.N. announcement said. "By making the complex U.N. system accessible to youth, the partners hope to teach children the value of the international cooperation, and sensitize them to the problems faced in other parts of the world."

It's one thing to use Captain America to help in the fight against Hitler. Hitler was trying to conquer the world and exterminate Jews and Poles. But this use of Marvel Comics characters to help spread the UN message against "poverty, disease and conflict worldside" is grotesque.

It's not as though the public school systems aren't already drumming the Left's messages into the heads of our children. The kids don't need Spiderman to beat them over the head with those messages too.

Shame on Marvel Comics for going along with this stupid scheme. The world would be better off if we left the superheroes alone and just dismantled the UN.


Jacob said...

*face on desk*

Because only those nasty liberals are concerned with 'poverty, disease and conflict worldwide'.

Honestly, are you sure you aren't a parody? This sounds like it was written for The Onion or something.

SkyePuppy said...


I'm glad to give you the opportunity to commune with your furniture.

This may look like parody to you, because maybe in Australia they actually teach you to read, write, do math and science. Here in the States, we're a breeding ground for social experimentation.

Our public school system is more of a re-education camp than anything else. Little kids are made to feel bad that they and their parents are personally destroying the planet and killing all the cute little animals.

When I was a kid, their save-the-planet zeal was just getting started. They played a song for us in class that went:

Pollution... pollution,
We've got grime and sewage and mud,
Turn on the tap, and get
Hot and cold running crud.

The liberal crusade to indoctrinate our students has escalated since then to the point that now the US ranks below Waziristan or something on international scholastic tests, because they just don't have the time to actually teach academic subjects.

Would that it were parody.