Monday, May 05, 2008

At the Mall

Not being much of a shopper, I don't go to the mall very often. But I went today for the leather goods store.

Yesterday my purse, which has two straps, broke where one of the straps attaches to the purse, leaving that strap dangling and me looking silly because of it. I didn't want to have to buy a new purse, so I figured the leather store was a good starting place for getting mine repaired or finding out who could do the job.

Naturally I don't have the mall memorized, so I checked the directory and went to the store. It was closed up. I asked about it next door at the boot store, and they said the leather shop closed two weeks ago. Not deterred, I asked the boot people if they knew where I could get my purse fixed, and they told me about a shoe repair place near Target.

I didn't go straight there, but wandered around the mall a bit. Quite a few women had bags from Bath & Body Works, but I didn't go there. I saw a place that sells accessories, including (for the summer, I suppose) some flip-flop-style of sandals. One pair in particular caught my eye.

What's wrong with this picture?

Yes, those are mirrors.

Everybody knows that perverts and some idiot high school boys might try to stick a mirror on top of their shoes and stand close enough to give them a peek up some girl's dress. It's a disgusting practice. For the life of me, I can't figure out why a shoe manufacturer would produce shoes that make this even easier--and why a store would sell them. I took the picture and left.

Then I noticed See's Candies and went in there to get a couple pieces of chocolate. The ladies were really nice, and the store got crowded, although I'm not sure where everybody came from, because the rest of the mall was pretty deserted. There must be something going on, like maybe Mother's Day, to make See's and Bath & Body Works busy.

When I left See's, my innate sense of disorientation kicked in. I looked around and didn't recognize any of the stores I could see. I didn't remember which direction I had been going, so I didn't know which way to turn. Even chocolate couldn't solve that problem.

A lady was at the embroidery cart in the middle of the floor, so I asked her which way Victoria's Secret was, since that's the store by the entrance I came in, and she pointed in the opposite direction I would have gone. But before I could go that way, I spotted some pretty blue outfits in a store downstairs--not that I could afford to actually buy any of them--so I went there and talked to the sales girl about fashions and why the blue clothes don't have any sleeves.

Then I found the mall exit I needed (without asking again!) and went over to the shoe repair shop, where he fixed my purse for a pittance, and now I don't feel silly when I carry my purse.

It was a good morning of pleasant conversation with nice people and (except for the mirror shoes) some good window shopping. And the chocolates were fabulous.


Bekah said...

I love Bath and Body...and I haven't been in one forever. Come to think of it, it's been a while since I even went to a real mall! (I refuse to call ours real.) I'm glad you got your purse fixed and I"m glad you had fun detours!

Jacob said...

Those are some tacky-arse shoes, mirrors notwithstanding.

SkyePuppy said...


It's good to see you have taste!