Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something is Wrong

I live in Southern California. It's the second half of the month of May. And it's raining.

I heard the rain coming about 30 seconds before it started landing on the sidewalk outside the window. It's the kind of rain that falls without wind, big drops that leave space between them at first then fill in the gaps in short order.

It's the kind of rain that doesn't belong in Southern California in May. But it's here.

It's welcome, but it's just not right.


Tsofah said...


It has rained here so much...I've been looking for gopher wood for month! That ark may have to be built with some other type of wood!

Seriously, I know what you mean by it being "not right".

Personally, I'd love to see a week go by without rain. Warm, sunny skies, nice breezes...sigh.

SkyePuppy said...


If your description of the warm, sunny skies is supposed to be about California, maybe you should dream of Fiji or the Bahamas instead. Most of this week has been overcast.

And June will be coming soon. It's called "June Gloom," where the skies are overcast the entire month, and they promise rain but never deliver. One year, June Gloom lasted all the way through July too, but that's rare.

So we like whatever rain we can get. This morning's rain only lasted about 10 minutes, and then it came back a little later just to spit one more time on the ground. Now the sky is white with clouds. No warm, sunny skies... sigh.

Bekah said...

Oh please please please don't send any rain of any kind here. We're FINALLY having cloud free days and I am so excited I could scream!!!

Malott said...

In Indiana we are suffering through the second ridiculously cold spring in a row. My spring garden burst through the soil and, like last year, has been just sitting there for three weeks... Not growing due to the cold.

SkyePuppy said...


Not growing due to the cold.

Reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday with a lady who described the bad relationships in her family. People can have stunted growth from cold, too.

In your garden, does the late cold weather shift the growing season, or does it ruin the crops? I'd hate for you to miss out on your tomatoes this year.

Malott said...

The tomatoes should be OK.

The "greens" mature later... The cabbage worms arrive on time... And I till under my greens as soon as I see the first white moth...

Can't handle worms.

So I basically end up with less greens.

Also, the garden grows so slowly that it can't outgrow the rabbits' appetites. So, I will have no peas this year.