Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Making Humans Extinct

WorldNetDaily reported Sunday on an environmental movement.

"May we live long and die out" is the unofficial motto of a movement that seeks to improve the Earth's ecosystem by ensuring that the human species does not survive.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, or
VHEMT, consists of volunteers who have made active life decisions to remain childless for the benefit of the Earth, thereby preventing the extinction of millions of species of plants and animals.

While no one person takes credit for being the founder,
Les U. Knight created its name and is the spokesperson for the movement.

"We've already exceeded Earth's carrying capacity for humans by quite a bit," Knight told WND.

"We are using up our resources. The best way to stop it is by not breeding. It's really the best way because the people we don't create don't exist, and so there's no impact on them."

VHEMT activists believe a smaller population will benefit the Earth by reducing human and environmental catastrophe.

The nice thing about the VHEMT folks is their desire to reduce the human population to extinction gradually. They're happy to have people choose not to reproduce.

Not like some, who advocate the destruction of existing people.

I'm not sure I get what VHEMT wants. I mean, I understand the words they're using, but I don't see the point. What will it matter how clean the earth is, if there's nobody around to appreciate it?

And who will feed the dogs and cats and the cows and horses? If we leave our pets and all the rest of the animals to their own devices, it's not going to be pretty. There's a reason the literal translation of the French term for "wildlife" is, "savage animals." Mother Nature is a savage, and the destruction of animal life that will follow human extinction will only prove it (except that there will be nobody around to say, "See? I told you so!").

The extinction of animal species was happening long before mankind showed up on the scene, and it will continue long after we're gone (provided we decide to go away). VHEMT won't change that. All their plan will do is make the earth just one more rotating ball of rock and gas among billions of others. And the universe will lose music and art and beauty, love and wonder and joy.

It's a bad trade. I'm against it.


Marvin said...

Hope they have lots of converts to their way of thinking. Just do not force me to join them. Well, its a little too late for me to join anyway.

ChuckL said...

Wingnuts like these have been touting "overpopulation" for decades. For some odd reason, human innovation just keeps on thwarting the realization of their predictions.