Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Michelle Malkin on Terrorists

Michelle Malkin has a great column today in WorldNetDaily. She talks about the Left's propensity to play the victim card on behalf of murdering-thug terrorists. First she gives a little background, in case we've forgotten who Zacarias Moussaoui is and why he's on trial and what he contributed to on 9/11.

Last April, Moussaoui pleaded guilty to six charges of conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism, conspiracy to commit aircraft piracy, conspiracy to destroy aircraft, conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy to murder government employees and conspiracy to destroy property. Throughout the sentencing phase of his trial, this martyr-in-waiting has laughed at his victims, brandished his Quran and shouted death threats to America – "God Curse You All!" and "Burn in hell!" and, of course, "Allah Akbar!"

Now the trial is in the sentencing phase.

Last week, when prosecutors put 9-11 family members on the stand to tell the world the pain and horror they still feel every day as a result of the mass murders that Moussaoui facilitated, presiding Judge Leonie Brinkema warned them against "prejudicial testimony."

But Judge Brinkema said nary a word as Moussaoui's lawyers ratcheted up the prejudicial emote-a-meter to 11.

A social worker and a psychologist offered pathos-laden testimony about Moussaoui's difficult childhood. His abusive father. The anti-Muslim taunts of schoolmates. The hostility of the parents of his French girlfriend, under whom Moussaoui "suffered a lot of pain about not being accepted." The courtroom soap opera climaxed with video testimony exhibiting his troubled sisters, who called their beloved Zacarias the "little sweetheart of the family." Sniffle.

Moussaoui rightly mocked his own defense team. "It's a lot of American B.S.," he scoffed.

Malkin then takes a look at a bigger picture.

On Monday, while Moussaoui's defense team played their violins in court, apologists across Europe and the Muslim world played the same song for the suicide bomber who murdered nine innocent civilians and wounded scores more at a Tel Aviv restaurant. The bomber packed his explosives with nails and shrapnel soaked in rat poison to increase the suffering of the victims.

But it's not the fault of terrorist Sami Salim Mohammed Hammed and his sponsors at Islamic Jihad. Blame "Israeli aggression" and "anti-Arab racism"!

The dry-eyed know there is one Root Cause for this carnage. It's not America, Israel, racism or psychological imbalances. It's evil. Just evil.

There is only one response to evil, and it's not "understand" it. We must stop it in its tracks. Destroy the terrorists whenever possible, and when that's not possible, incapacitate them. We will not be safe until the job is done.


Malott said...

It's truly amazing what we are up against in our struggle with the Muslim world.
And it's truly baffling to consider the attitude of the left. Let's pray that we continue to elect leaders that choose not to surrender.

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