Tuesday, March 20, 2007


They changed the carpet in the elevators last night. They were just getting started when I came back to work after class, and they were still working when I left late to go home. It confused me at first, because I had trouble knowing which elevator was open for business and which one was just open.

This morning the elevators smell like new carpet. The floors have a border of pinkish-brownish marble that matches the outside of the building, and in the inset, the carpet has a border of solid black, with a geometric patterned beige in the center.

I have no idea what the carpet looked like yesterday. None.

It's disappointing to be proven unobservant, but the evidence is (was, actually) right before my eyes.

I know when they change the flowers in the planters outside, especially to or from pansies. Right now the planters have primroses. And across the street another business has just planted Iceland Poppies.

I've observed and remembered these things. But the carpet beneath my feet? Not a clue.

I hate when that happens.

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