Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I started up my computer this morning, and the screen stayed black. I could see the faint shapes of my desktop icons and wallpaper, but not nearly well enough to even find where the mouse was.

Thankfully, my laptop is still under warranty, so I called them up, was informed that I could pay extra to get quick service from a North American person, then was put on hold for somebody in India. The Indian people were quick too.

I got routed to the right person to help me, and after I described my problem, she had me go get a flashlight and shine it on the screen. I said, "Oh wow! I see clouds!" That told her that my backlight was out, so she ordered one, which will be delivered to the local person who will call me either tomorrow or Friday to schedule an appointment to come and fix it.

While I wait, I have to use my daughter's laptop, which will be in demand by her as soon as she gets home from work. Sigh!

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