Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February Calendar Pictures

It's February (obviously my calendar posts may not fall on the first of every month), and these are the pictures in the calendars I made. First, my family's travel photo:

This picture first appeared in my blog back in October, 2007.

This is Februrary's photo in my Patterns calendar:

These were some of the goods for sale in Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Naturally, the wait until the March photos should be the shortest of the year.


Tsofah said...

Sorry, Skye, the mushroom just looks like it has the chicken pox or something. Ugh! (I know, I am SUCH a girl! lol)

Tsofah said...

Oops, I so like the peppers and the candy pics "patterns". Very creative colors and framing!

Bekah said...

As usual...bravo on the photography. LOVE IT!!!

janice said...

I concur, beautiful picture.

What kind of camera do you have, Skye?

SkyePuppy said...


No offense taken on the mushroom. And the curly things are candles.


I have a Nikon D80 with an 18 - 200mm VR lens. That's what I used on all three February photos. January's White Sands pictures were taken with a Kodak EasyShare something-or-other (I'm not sure where I put it after it quit working) with 10x zoom. And some of the photos in future months were with my little Canon PowerShot SD750 that I keep in my purse.

Tsofah said...


Thanks for being gracious!

Oh, the "candies" are actually candles? wow!