Friday, February 13, 2009

Reading the Stimulus Bill

Michelle Malkin calls it Porkulus. Hugh Hewitt calls it Porkapalooza. Congress calls it HR1, and President Obama lies and says it will stimulate the economy.

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), Republican Study Committee chair, made this video (HT: Michelle Malkin) as he looked over the 1,073-page final version of the bill that was the result of the House and Senate wrangling over the differences and coming to an agreement.

Keep in mind that the "wrangling" and "agreeing" was all done behind closed doors in the dark of night with NO REPUBLICANS ALLOWED. I'm sure that was the Change the voters Hoped for when they elected Obama and his Democrat buddies in Congress.

"Bipartisan" = What the Democrats want. And one of the things they want is for you not to figure out what's in the bill. At least, not before they pass it.

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Tsofah said...

I've been thinking on this, and...well, if our leaders do not know what they are voting on; AND if we don't know what our leaders are voting on; AND, if only a few people know anything about what is being voted on....

Then, isn't that taxation without representation? Isn't there a document called "The Bill of Rights" which we are supposed to be protected by?

Obama, are you our president, or a rising dictator? Moreover, are you going to let Pelosi and Reid take over the slots of queen and king dictators (I know, an oxymoron)?

I'm looking forward to the next election, because I'm already planning to vote Republican instead of Independent!