Friday, February 06, 2009

Personal Trainer Porks Up

The Herald Sun (Australia) reported Tuesday on the unusual weight routine of a personal trainer.

AN underwear model and personal trainer is on a bacon and chocolate milk diet to stack on 40kg to better understand obese gym clients.

Paul "PJ" James, a Coburg model who has strutted catwalks in Milan and Tokyo, is halfway to his goal of reaching 120kg. He plans to stay at that weight for three months before shedding the kilos with his Doherty's gym clients in Brunswick.

PJ, 32, has already gone from 80kg to 100kg since making his New Year resolution to boost his flab.

"I have always found it easy to tell clients what to do to lose weight, but it's hard to tell where a client is coming from and how they are feeling," he said.

Empathy is a noble goal, and for a guy who has always been trim, it would have to be tough to understand what pudgy people are going through.

What bothers me about this story is not the fact that PJ is making himself fat. It's the reaction of the health Nazis.

[A] leading obesity and health expert, Prof Boyd Swinburn, said PJ risked damaging his liver and suffering heart problems from the stunt, which will be filmed as a documentary.

Prof Swinburn, director of the World Health Organisation Centre for Obesity Prevention at Deakin University, said stacking on weight quickly was dangerous.

"There's only such a rate that fat cells can absorb and there's a big spillover into where the fat isn't supposed to be, like the liver," he said.

"A much safer way to know what people are going through is putting on one of those fat suits."

A FAT SUIT??? Is this guy kidding?

PJ already knows he faces health risks, even if they're short-term, so he's being monitored regularly by his doctor. But the purpose of his chubbification quest is not a question of health. It's something a fat suit can't tell him.

Fat suits let thin people know how fat people are treated by the rest of society. They also give thin people a sense of how much weight fat people carry around their middles or their fannies every day. What fat suits can't do is tell thin people just how hard it can be to lose that last bit of belly or trim down the thunder thighs, and this is what PJ wants to learn.

So let the poor guy enjoy his pork rinds and pop--it'll come to an end soon enough--and somebody make the professor keep his mouth shut about it.

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Tsofah said...

You are right, Skyepuppy...there IS a difference in totally understanding being overweight vs. trying to actually LOSE that weight! However, if the guy wants to know what it's really like, he needs to eat salads and chicken and such and not be able to lose the weight easily. Guys always seem to lose it easier than most women.

Every lb lost is hard work when one is obese. I know I had to drop to 800 calories a day and walk and then bike for hours each day in addition to dancing and as the weight came off - weight order just to lose 25 lbs.

That was in my BC days (Before Child). Weight put on during pregnancy is ever HARDER to lose. The older we are, the slower the metabolism, and it seems almost impossible.

That's why the good ol' buddy system is helpful!

<---getting off my soapbox and going over there now.