Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Bummer Now

My computer went black yesterday morning.The lady in India scheduled the parts to be shipped to the local repair guy, who was supposed to call me sometime today or tomorrow.

This morning I got a call from him, asking when he should come over and fix my laptop. I had to work from 10:00 - 2:00, so I told him to come at 3:00. He set a window of 3 - 5:00.

He came. He saw. He conquered.

Now I'm back on my own laptop, and my daughter has hers to herself again. Life is good!


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

What was the problem with it? My desktop went black a couple of years ago; and it was just the monitor.

Charlie said...

I'm guessing it was a part called the inverter, which creates the high voltage that lights up the backlight. It's a little circuit board and they go bad after awhile, causing exactly what you saw. Very glad you could get it repaired so quickly! Not having your own laptop is like sleeping in a strange bed...

SkyePuppy said...


Yes, it was just the monitor, but more along the lines of what Charlie said. With a laptop, though, the monitor is attached to the rest of the computer, so the repair guy replaced the whole top part (lid with screen), rather than go inside it and fix the light.


You went into more detail than the Dell people did. No doubt you're absolutely right. And yes, it's good to be back home and in my own "bed."

Tsofah said...

I'm SO glad you were able to get your computer fixed! YEAH computer repair guy!