Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tithe Rap

We saw this video in church this morning. It speaks for itself.


Jacob said...

Kids, this is proof that fundamentalists hate everything and everyone and will stop at nothing to ruin all that is decent in the world.

Tsofah said...


Oh, oh, oh, oh!!!!!!! I am laughing SO HARD! This is so hilarious! It may not change MY giving, but it is a creative way to get the point across! Christians get to have fun too, and I live it!

Oh, yeah...Ignore Jacob, he's just jealous! :-D

SkyePuppy said...


Rap isn't decent, so it's not possible to ruin it. And I agree with Tsofah. You're just jealous.

Jacob said...

I have other, less time consuming, ways in which to appear like a total spaz in public.

Rap is shit, yes. This clip singlehandedly makes it more shit.

Jealous! Ooh, what are we, six years old?

Tsofah said...

I dunno Jacob - looked in the mirror lately? (chuckle) Sorry, I just had to!

Btw, having a sense of humor is a quality even grown-ups have! Lighten up and laugh, my friend.