Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photography 101 - Lesson 4


Like diagonals, curves are more pleasing than ordinary horizontal and vertical lines, and they help to lead the eye into or through the picture.

Curves can be naturally occurring:

And they can be man-made in a natural setting:

Then there are the architectural curves, as in the Portland Head lighthouse:

Just because something, like a lighthouse tower, is round doesn't mean it will photograph as a curve. Seen straight-on, the lines can look straight, so if you're looking for curves in your photo, try taking the picture from an angle.

Spiral staircases make wonderful photos (Snail shells and other spirals look great too.):

Another architectural source of curves is government buildings from the 1950s and early 1960s. This one is in Washington, DC:

Detail shots of old cars have curves too:


Find curves. Photograph them. Try not to get slapped. If you like some of your shots and want to share, post them on your blog and leave a comment here with the link.

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Christina said...

Hmmm..I think that "try not to get shot" comment might have been for a certain Mr. Malott!

SkyePuppy said...


How did you know?

Christina said...

I have close, personal knowledge of Mr. M. He only looks sweet and innocent!

Tsofah said...

I thought it said "Try not to get slapped". :-/

btw, I get almost slapped a lot. I'm just the "shake the little kid's hand and call them sweetie" type (with parent/s present of course). And, if there is an infant anywhere around...I'm there!

No curves involved of course. I'm just a people person.

Don't even have to have a camera.

That's what keeps me from being slapped half as much. No camera, then I'm just a little ol' weird lady!

Dina said...

I'm a bit late in finishing hw no.3, however I will be posting some shots I took down at Valletta, Waterfront the other day . I decided to use different angles. I am not good with linking however this is the name of my blog :