Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Battlefield Band Coming to Town!

My son called me last night around midnight, Eastern time, to give me the news. A flyer he picked up yesterday said Battlefield Band will be performing at the San Marcos library in March. We're both excited.

In 1983, when my then-husband and I were on our big bicycle trip to Europe, we got to the Isle of Skye in Scotland (that's where I got half of my SkyePuppy name from) just in time for their Scottish Folk Music Festival. Battlefield Band was playing the night we were there, and we went, and I fell in love with their music. I even bought their audio cassette. The song, "Lord Haddo's Favourite" was my favorite too. It's the saddest, sweetest song, played with the higher Irish pipes. But the CD also had lots of rolicking, stirring songs with Scottish pipes and fiddles, sung with happy accents and quaint lyrics.

When my kids were little, I played Battlefield Band enough that they liked the band too. I eventually had to replace the cassette with a CD and then heard from soemone that the band had broken up. I was crushed, but grew resigned to the idea.

And now, they're reconstituted with new faces, but hopefully the same joyous music. I'm telling my friends, so as many as we can get will join me and my kids at the Battlefield Band concert March 6th (according to BB's schedule on their website) at the San Marcos branch of the San Diego County Library. Come if you can!

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Marvin said...

Run Rig is a great band. Some of the lyrics are in English and some ain't. Even the ain'ts are good.