Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nobel Laureate Predicts Obama Assassination

The Daily Mail (UK)--and most other news outlets--reported Sunday on an interview with Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing.

British Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing caused uproar last night by predicting the assassination of Barack Obama if he becomes the first black U.S. president.

Miss Lessing said: "He would probably not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would kill him.

She said it would be better if Mrs Clinton, 60, became America's first woman president with Obama as her running mate.

"Hillary is a very sharp lady. It might be calmer if she wins," she told a Swedish newspaper.

I can't find a link to the article I read a few days ago (It was from a Canadian news source), which had comments that were hard to believe. Many of them agreed with Lessing, pointing out the rabid racism that infects the hearts and souls of all Americans except for the Enlightened Few.

One commenter even recommended going to the American South and having a gigantic beer bash. Then when all the rednecks were there, drunk out of their minds, we could just drop an atomic bomb on them and rid America of its racism in one fell swoop.

It's disheartening how many people, both outside and within the USA, have such a wretched view of our country. It's as though they just finished watching The Great Debaters and thought it took place in 2005, not 1935. As a nation weve changed since then. We're not where we once were.

Another commenter in the Canadian piece pointed out, "If Barak Obama is elected, it will be because White America elected him." Exactly.

Every American President risks being shot at. Even the innocuous Gerald Ford was shot at, so the risk to a President Obama would be nothing new.

Still, I think Miss Lessing has a point about Obama being safe if he's Hillary's Vice President. The biggest threat to his life would be if he were elected President... with Hillary as his Vice President.


Marvin said...

Hmmm, why isn't Japan ever mentioned as being racist? While home ported there in the late '70s, there were many shops with "Japanese Only" on their doors.

I've never been to a place that is more openly racist that Japan.

Jacob said...

Two things that America has:

1) A lot of crazies

2) A lot of deadly weapons

With that in mind, it's not THAT shocking to state that a President Obama (being a negro AND a dirty foreign MUSLIM and all) would be the target of some culture warrior of some kind.

Marvin - Australia is the most racist country. We practically EXPORT racism, packaged and everything, that's how racist we are.

Tash said...

Actually, that Nobel Laureate is not so bright Jew hating bitch who actually believed that Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated for that very reason (being black). Skin colour is irrelevant. Obama is not going to be assassinated if he becomes president. I am very suspicious of him, not because he is black, but because he has NO skeletons in his closet? He is a chain-smoking African male and has nothing to hide even though his wife all but admitted in the media that fidelity was not a strong feature of their marriage? Now that might be irrelevant, but hear this: That is one ruthless bastard.

Jacob said...

Tash, you know, I had to think for a little bit about where I know you from. Then it hit me. You're that woman who yells at me on my way to work in the city, aren't you? Give me a buzz, I'll shout you to a lunch, mkay?