Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pelosi Pushing Amnesty Again

The Washington Times editorial yesterday is on the latest scheme by House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi to get amnesty for illegals.

For months, leading Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chief Rahm Emanuel have tried to talk tough on illegal immigration.... Last month, Mrs. Pelosi joined House Minority Leader John Boehner in announcing that the House-passed economic stimulus bill would "not allow any taxpayer funds to be distributed to illegals."

But unfortunately, the Democrats are putting together an elaborate con job: using tough-sounding rhetoric while working behind the scenes with open-borders advocates in the business community to win support from from firms that have become very dependent on cheap foreign labor. The goal of these Democrats — and possibly the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as well — is to defeat a bipartisan bill that takes a no-amnesty, enforcement-oriented approach to illegal immigration.

The SAVE Act [Secure America through Verification and Enforcement Act, H.R. 4088] is an omnibus bill that would strengthen border security and require that employers verify that their workers are legally present in the United States. Forty-seven Democrats and 89 Republicans are cosponsoring the Shuler bill, which is currently bottled up in the House Judiciary Committee, where liberals like Rep. Zoe Lofgren, California Democrat and chairwoman of the Immigration Subcommittee, will work to ensure that it stays there.

Republican supporters of the SAVE Act are working to get enough votes to pull the bill out of committee and onto the floor, but as the editorial writer points out, the Democrats have come up with a "Plan B."

The Baca Amendment would give illegal aliens who pass a background check a "five-year temporary worker permit" that expires on Dec. 31, 2012. It would also provide employers who hired illegal aliens "safe harbor" (apparently some measure of immunity from prosecution) for past hiring of illegal aliens. If Mr. Shuler gets enough signatures to force his bill to the floor to be debated, Democrats hope to neuter it by attaching the Baca Amendment. If Mr. Baca's proposal were to become law, open-borders advocates could come back later and pass legislation putting these illegals on a path to citizenship.

It's an election year, so of course the Democrats are talking tough on immigration, because they know they must. But they're ready with their usual Bait and Switch tactic.

This is a battle that bears watching. Those of us who favor employer verification of workers' immigration status would do well to keep after our Congressmen. Encourage them to put pressure on the Immigration Subcommittee to pass the bill as it stands and work to prevent passage of the Baca Amendment. We must remain watchful, because the supporters of amnesty will not stop trying to enact it.

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Anonymous said...

DENA said:
GO Nancy!!!!

Not all of us feel they way Brian Bilbray, Heath Shuler, or numbersUSA feel. We don't even feel the same way as those loud mouth T.V. and radio personalities do. They just have bigger mouths that is why no one can hear us. Maybe it is time we get loud.
These people had a chance to nominate a person for President, who fit their immigration agenda. Instead the 3 front runners all want comprehensive immigration reform. I guess the real people who count have spoken. Comprenhensive Immigration Reform Now. Don't take their bull Ms. Pelosi. You go girl!!!!

I have of ten wondered how much money Roy Beck from NumbersUSA makes from illegal immigrants. I have also wondered about Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and others on the anti-illegal ban wagon. How much money do you all think they make off the backs of illegals? They keep on running a subject into the ground until they have made every possible rating point they can get off of it. Do you think any of those people are in the middle class? Do you think any of those people have to worry about being replaced with and illegal? Give me a break. They don't care one bit about anything other than their own bank accounts. So, when they get on their soap boxes, think about how many more dollar bills they are pulling from your pocket and putting into their bank accounts. Talk about Fleecing Amercia. These guys would know.