Monday, February 25, 2008

Cockroach Gets 30 TV Workers Fired

The Telegraph (UK) reported tomorrow about a mishap at a television station.

Thirty workers at a Turkmenistan television network have been sacked after a cockroach was seen scuttling across the newsreader's desk during a live broadcast, it has been reported.

The large brown insect crawled a full lap of the newsdesk on the 9pm news programme, Vatan, before the blooper was aired again on the 11pm edition.

The national station was bombarded with calls from disgusted viewers, who said the cockroach's guest appearance had put them off their dinner.

Officials from Turkmenistan's ministry of culture discovered the insect's guest appearance the following morning, and swiftly informed the country's president, Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedo.

He was so horrified that he fired 30 workers from the station,
the Guardian reports.

The sacked workers included journalists, directors, camera operators, and technical staff. The country's minister for culture, Gulmurat Muradov, has also ordered an internal investigation.

I'd be horrified too.

But perhaps a thorough fumigation would be more effective than an internal investigation. Who's left to be investigated after all the workers have been fired?


Bekah said...

Proving once again that there is truly no such thing as job security! But as much as I have to say I would not enjoy seeing a cockroach on TV while eating my dinner...I find a handful of dinner hour commercials to be just as unappetizing. Currently the one for Mucinex heads the list of things I hate to watch while eating dinner.

SkyePuppy said...


Oh, I HATE the Mucinex commercials. The disgusting thing is that apparently it really works. My sister was taking it (which I thought was a crime, because it rewarded those horrid commercials) because her DOCTOR told her to! Ugh!