Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oscar-Inspired Fashions for Dogs

Lily models the J-Lo Oscar inspired gown at Little Lily in Los Angeles, California February 18, 2008. Pet fashion label Little Lily has designed a range of dog clothes inspired by the actual gowns worn by A-listers on the Oscar red carpet.

REUTERS/Phil Mccarten

This story reminded of the dress I bought for my little dog Abby. She was so cute!

Yahoo News has a series of 15 photos, most of them of Lily wearing her Oscar dresses. Take a look. She's a cutie too.

Someday I've got to get another dog...

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janice said...

We bought Hershey a coat (I think I posted a pic of him wearing in the deep snow).

Well, it seems the coat is banned here in Columbus. Why you ask? It's blue and maize, get the picture? Columbus is a NO MICHIGAN zone. So, we needed to buy a scarlet and grey coat for Christmas.