Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nader Enters the Race

Photo credit: Carolyn Kaster, AP

Hot dog!

The AP reported today that Ralph Nader has announced his candidacy for the presidency, which he hinted at earlier.

Ralph Nader said Sunday he will run for president as a third-party candidate, criticizing the top White House contenders as too close to big business and pledging to repeat a bid that will "shift the power from the few to the many."

Nader, 73, said most people are disenchanted with the Democratic and Republican parties due to a prolonged Iraq war and a shaky economy. The consumer advocate also blamed tax and other corporate-friendly policies under the Bush administration that he said have left many lower- and middle-class people in debt.

"You take that framework of people feeling locked out, shut out, marginalized and disrespected," he said. "You go from Iraq, to Palestine to Israel, from Enron to Wall Street, from Katrina to the bumbling of the Bush administration, to the complicity of the Democrats in not stopping him on the war, stopping him on the tax cuts."

"In that context, I have decided to run for president," Nader told NBC's "Meet the Press."

John McCain has to be thrilled. For one thing, Nader's entry in the race means that McCain isn't the oldest candidate anymore.

It just keeps getting more and more fun.

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