Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Trip - Signs Along the Way

With all the driving we've done around the country, we've seen some pretty strange signs, as well as some noticeable names of streets and bodies of water. I've blogged about some of the signs, like the one that says, "Unloading livestock in rest area prohibited," and the "Beware of alligators" sign in Champaign, Illinois.

But there's more, most of it in plain-talking Texas.

In Midland Big Spring, Texas, you'll find Refinery Road right in front of... you guessed it... a gigantic refinery. And Wild Horse Road (Texas) explains itself pretty well too, though it's probably a historic rather than a current reason for the name.

Other self-explanatory names that had a ring to them were:

Hellroaring Street (West Yellowstone, Montana)
Muddy Boggy River (Oklahoma)
Burnt Mill Road (Maine)

And my favorite: Stink Creek Road (Texas). How would you like that for your address?

Then there are the perplexing names, or the ones that must have a story.

Horsethief Creek (Montana): Did the horsethief steal horses from there? Or was he caught there? Or did they hang him there?
Two Rod Road (Maine): Two guys named Rod? Two really big rods of metal?
Tank Farm Road (Texas): I picture a farmer planting seeds, watering his fields, and then selling the Sherman tanks at harvest time to the Army.

And finally, Noodle Dome Road (Texas): Huh?


Marvin said...

You didn't go to Cut and Shoot, Tx?

SkyePuppy said...


No, we didn't. But when my ex and I were on our big bicycle trip through Europe, we stopped and rested and were thankful at Rest and Be Thankful Pass in the Highlands of Scotland.