Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tristan Emmanuel on the Oscars

Did you watch the Oscars earlier this week?

I know. Neither did I. Well, I turned it on for the last two awards, Best Director and Best Picture, because I called my son about something and he mentioned it was almost over (being a fim studies major, he pays attention to the Oscars). The movie that took both awards was some blood-filled bash-America film that I didn't see and won't see when it comes out on DVD. Figures they'd choose a movie like that...

Tristan Emmanuel's WorldNetDaily column today discusses America's un-fascination with the Oscars.

So, the Oscars tanked. Are you surprised? The pundits are. They just can't believe it. And they're blaming the Europeans.

[M]ore than 75 percent of the news stories that I have perused since last Sunday's Awards show – and I've looked at hundreds of them – blame the Europeans for the poor ratings.

All four of the major acting awards went to relative unknowns from Europe. And the movies in which those Europeans played all tanked at the box office. Clearly, America isn't as enamoured with European talent as the critics are.

Of course, America didn't avoid the Oscars in droves (32 million viewers, dropping to 25 million by the end of the show, compared to 93 million who watched the Super Bowl from beginning to end) because of who won the acting awards. They wouldn't have known it would be a Euro-sweep. After Emmanuel toys with the critics and the Hollywood defenders, he nails the reason Hollywood is sliding into failure.

Very few American moviegoers are going to spend their money at the box office to be lectured and preached to by Eurocrats telling them that America is a greedy, unsavory, money-grubbing, oil-gluttonous and environmentally plundering capitalist globetrotting pig. It's bad enough when the coke-snorting Hollywood elite do it – which is why movies like "Rendition" and producers like Robert Redford all had failures this year. Americans just aren't going to pay $12.50 (and that doesn't even include a drink and popcorn) knowing that the European interlopers are going to pocket a portion of the box-office proceeds after they face-slap every American in the theater.

Hollywood and its media minions naturally reject this analysis.

That's it exactly. I don't care if they're "European interlopers" or born-and-raised Americans. I'm not about to give my money to anyone who's going to turn around and have his movie slap me in the face for who I am and what I believe.

Hollywood doesn't get it. And Emmanuel has a theory about why Hollywood doesn't get it.

Remember when God hardened Pharaoh's heart so that He could make an example of the Egyptians and rescue the children of Israel? The more Hollywood insists on proliferating its godless, anti-American, left-wing, conservative-mocking liberal propaganda, the more I'm convinced that God in His wisdom is hardening the hearts of liberal Hollywood elites so that they will eventually fall on the sword of their own making.

I've never looked at it that way before, but I'm starting to think he may be right.


j a n said...

You'd think they could figure it out. So many fun, adventure-type movies have been blockbuster money-makers. Yet they still insist on making the agenda films. I just don't go to the theater that much any more - or I'm more particular about what I spend my $$ on. I'll wait and see most movies on video.

Anonymous said...

No Country for Old Men wasn't America-bashing at all. I don't know where you get the impression that it was.

SkyePuppy said...


I don't know where I got that impression either. Must have been the blood & guts and dark themes that I didn't want to see.